What is ParadyneX (PXEX)

ParadyneX is entering the crypto world with an ultra low fee based exchange, focused on transparency speed, stability and security standards above all.  We are coming hard, fast, and ready.

While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team is building a secure, simple and easy-to-use product based on public  blockchain, with a private blockchain to follow. It will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration, and even a digital arbitration system.

Ultimately, we aim to integrate a company’s employees, and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, creating an incredibly efficient, transparent, and reliable business.

built on the gold standard

ParadyneX ( PXEX )

ParadyneX is building the an ultra-fast, highly secure exchange with ultra low trade fees.  This keeps more of your money in your wallet.

ParadyneX is working on providing the largest selection of trading pairs available, fiat and crypto.  Our future plans to are incorporate acceptance of USD, CAD, AUD, EUR, and GBP to avoid having extra fees incurred.

PXEX is the official token of ParadyneX and will initially be traded on the ParadyneX exchange, then expand to other exchanges. We are building a token that has a purpose.

The AML & KYC Onboarding system collects KYC information from clients to ensure that only verified users access our services. The AML service monitors transactions, seeking to eliminate money laundering efforts.

An exchange with liquidity features from top global makers, we eliminate the the wait game on trades. By ensuring any coin listed on our exchange can be traded when you want to trade, you get the best prices and the least frustration.

Our Community

The ParadyneX Community

We are building a world class crypto platform for global growth – that’s right Pinky, we plan on taking over the crypto-world. Having an exchange and token accessible globally to the limits of the law. Built on regulation, security and speed.

PXEX, the official coin of ParadyneX, will be used in all aspects of our business. Having a secure, separate coin to hold, stake, trade, and make purchases makes PXEX the perfect investment. This while securing your other crypto in gold standard custody solutions.

Following the launch of the crypto coin exchange, we will be introducing an NFT marketplace.  The Digital Masterpieces marketplace will be a dedicated place for those seeking to sell, buy and collect extraordinary NFTs.

The growth and expansion of the ParadyneX network will make a true one stop solution for all crypto traders, enthusiasts and beginners alike.

But the Digital Masterpieces marketplace is just one plan.  We also intend to introduce private blockchains.  From special digital masterpieces where the seller and buyer want to maintain confidentiality, to use in business operations around the globe to enhance security and speed of transactions.  Re-imagine banking, real estate, escrow services and even new construction being available on a private blockchain!  Possibilities?  Endless.  We are bound for the stratosphere – buy in, strap in and enjoy the ride!

ParadyneX (PXEX) is the future – don’t get stuck in the past.

gold standard

Regulations and Compliance

ParadyneX is thriving to stay ahead of the game when it comes to global regulations and compliance. We Integrate global compliance, security, transparency and trust from the start.  This ensures that that every buyer and seller can be confident that ParadyneX meets and exceeds regulations for digital assets and cryptocurrency storage and security.

Implementing the highest levels of login security protocols, starting with adherence to 2FA being standard. Integrating institutional grade hot wallet security ensures the safe keeping of customers’ digital assets.  We are taking the steps to establish ParadyneX as one of the most secure exchanges in the industry.

We already mentioned KYC and AML – and that we follow strict adherence and compliance. The reality is that as of April 2021, 69% of all crypto exchanges do not have “complete and transparent” KYC procedures in place.  Do you really want to put your trust (and your assets) in an exchange that could be shut down at any moment? You don’t need to have that fear with ParadyneX.


Best Features

ParadyneX  – a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is creating a solution to provide the ability to purchase or exchange the most coin and token pairs on a regulated, compliant and secure platform.

Ultra Fast & Secure
Almost Instant Trades

The most advanced exchange available. Capable of over 10 million transactions per second, while advancing the highest levels of security.

The Most Coin Pairs Available
Limitless Coin Availability

Preparing to contain the largest coin pairs available on any exchange. The newest and hottest tokens added before most others.

Reliability Integrated With Low Cost
Fee Structures For All

An exchange that can handle the bull market at anytime. Offering fees that will be some of the lowest in the industry. Transparent fees with no hidden costs.



The ParadyneX Team combines a passion for blockchain technology, crypto assets, and cryptocurrency to bring a complete solution to the world of digital assets.

ParadyneX will enable at least 90% of its assets in a 3rd party gold standard custody provider.

The custody provider uses state-of-the-art secure cold storage.

Provide our clients trusted and secure access to their digital assets from anywhere their smartphone has an internet connection.

Putting the power of blockchain technology in your hands while we look after ensuring your digital assets are safe and secure.  You can be confident, knowing your digital assets are in good hands.

Crypo Exchange

ParadyneX Introduction

A crypto exchange which connects buyers and sellers of digital coins.  Imagine having the ability to trade the largest available coin pairs – and with a simple interface being able to buy, sell or swap those coins.  Join ParadyneX, and that dream is coming true.

  • Buy, sell and swap cryptocurrency in a few simple clicks
  • With speed and security, ensuring transactions are protected against fraud
  • Owners of cryptocurrency have the opportunity to transfer their assets to their own wallets or know your crypto assets are secured by gold standard custody providers.

Available Documents

All our available documents to help you better understand our business practices.

Privacy Policy
PXEX Terms of Sale

Road Map

ParadyneX is working hard to meet milestones.

“Success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination.” -Zig Ziglar

2019 Q1
The Idea
  • Brainstorm of Products
2019 Q4
  • Establishing where holes can be filled
  • Strategic Plan
2020 Q4
  • Research on best viable options for exchange
  • Establishing groundwork for regulations and security
2021 Q1
  • Business Plan & Pitch Deck completed
  • Public financing & Seed funding options targeted
2021 Q2
The Movement
  • Funding options targeted
  • Final Steps for implementation
2021 Q3
Token Pre Sale
Pre Sale of Token Initiated
2021 Q3
Token Sale
  • PXEX Press Tour
  • Global sales of PXEX token
Dec 1, 2021
Exchange Open
  • Public opening of fully regulated and secured exchange
  • Expansion of coin pairs
  • Expansion of global availability
Meet The Founders


The ParadyneX founders come from similar yet different backgrounds. They have spent their lives immersed in various aspects of Information Technology.  They are keenly aware of the astronomical potential of blockchain technology and its future.  When combined with a passion for challenges, succeeding and expanding their knowledge base, they are unstoppable.

Criss Hochhold

Over 25 years in the public and private sector of Information Technology, including law enforcement (21 years in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police), and digital forensics.  Criss developed a passion for Blockchain Tech and cryptocurrency and is now pursuing a Ph.D. in Information Technology & Blockchain Technology. Find me on Linkedin.

Chris Claprood

Over 25 years experience in the public sector of Information Technology, Including systems administration, network engineering. Additionally spent last 5+ years in Web development, marketing and sales. 15+ years of management and critical thinking from entrepreneurial experiences. Find me on LinkedIn.






Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

ParadyneX - Your Trusted Crypto Exchange - Regulation and compliance driven exchange, with future digital asset features.

PXEX has been deployed to be the native coin for all of ParadyneX business needs. Including but not limited to crypto exchange and NFT marketplace.

The PXEX token sale will be done in 3 phases. pre-sale, stage 2 and stage 3. Follow the timer at top of the page to find out when the sale dates and times begin. During sale times links to purchase will be placed. You may also subscribe to our newsletter which will notify all parties as to the start of the sales.

Benefits come in time, as is with any crypto currency time ultimately tells how your investment may go. Being our coin is the native token used in our exchange the token is expected to increase value very rapidly.



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