Frequently Asked Questions


Most Frequntly Asked Questions

Q. How do I sign up for ParadyneX’s Crypto Exchange?
A. Visit to setup your account
Q. How do I deposit crypto into my account?
A. To deposit crypto into your account, Go to Summary, and click on “Wallet” this will then list all available coins, scroll to your coin of choice and click deposit, this will generate you an address for receiving that coin. You can then copy that wallet address and paste it into any wallet, exchange etc… to send crypto to your ParadyneX account.
Q. How can I add funds to my account?
A. You can add crypto to your account using debit or credit card by using our onramp system at :
Q. Does ParadyneX charge withdraw fees?
A. We do not charge withdraw fees, any fees stated as withdraw fees are estimate fees charged by the associated blockchain, i.e. gas fees.
Q. Is English the only language available for your exchange?
A. No, presently the exchange has several language options available and can be changed by each member. To change your language preferences, go to Summary, click Settings (on left menu) and then on main screen choose “Language”, a drop down will be available to chose your preferred language.
Q. Do I have to verify my identity via KYC?
A. You do not have to verify via KYC but note that trading fees are higher and withdraw limits are lower for unverified members.
Q. I have attempted to deposit some COIN into my ParadyneX account and the deposit is not showing up.
A. For Missing deposits, you can go to your exchange in History -> Deposits and click on the “CHECK DEPOSIT STATUS” located on upper right hand area of page, and provide transaction information in the popup.  Once you properly submit the transaction details the deposit should be automatically processed.