ParadyneX PXEX Token image

Paradyne’s PXEX Token is NOW AVAILABLE!


We are offering several ways to purchase PXEX

Crypto Debit/CreditCashapp

To Purchase via Sales token Contract using BNB coin CLICK HERE

To Purchase via other crypto coin :

For P2P Crypto Purchases, we ask that immediately after you send coin to our wallet:

you send an email to with:

wallet sent from and wallet you wish to receive PXEX.

This is so we can verify arrival and correctly send PXEX to preferred wallet.


Click on the Crypto icon you prefer:

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Buy PXEX with Debit/Credit Card*

*During Pre-Sale there will be no fee’s for credit card purchase

5000 PXEX Tokens

5000 PXEX Tokens


Pay now
20,000 PXEX Tokens

20,000 PXEX Tokens


Pay now
100,000 PXEX Token

100,000 PXEX Token


Pay now

Buy PXEX with Cashapp


send an email to with:

Name of Sender or Screen shot and Wallet address to send PXEX to.